On Sunday, we gather together as one large, public group, open our Bibles to learn Jesus, and proclaim Good News – like a reunion with an extended family.

As we gather together, we proclaim God's Good News by singing, serving, praying, participating in communion, hearing God's Word preaching, giving, and being sent as God's missionaries on God's mission in our neighborhood.

We remember God's saving work in reconciling the world to Himself. We equip one another with God's Word to love, trust, and obey Jesus more. We celebrate God raising Jesus to life, making all things new, and coming again. We send the church into God's world to live on God's mission for God's glory.


During the week, we go out as multiple little, personal groups, open our lives to love like Jesus, and practice Good News – like everyday in an immediate family.

As we go out together, we practice God's Good News by "one-anothering" one another – living in peace and harmony with, loving, honoring, accepting, teaching, greeting, waiting, caring, serving, sharing burdens and being patient with, being kind and tenderhearted toward, forgiving, submitting to, counseling, encouraging, building up, warning, motivating, confessing sins to, praying for, sympathizing with, showing deep love for, and dressing ourselves in humility as we relate to one another in groups!